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Images from the land of the slightly upset oak tree


View from a Wayfarer

Treated myself to an awesome couple of hours sailing on the Camel with H from Camel Sailing. It's been a while. The last time was also here, but back in 2005.

I could get used to the view from a Wayfarer, but maybe not following the views experienced by Frank Dye.

Morning Padstow

Morning Padstow

Morning Walk






Sand Snipe Again


Still unsure

Misty Sail

Camel Views

Paddle v Row

Paddle v Row

Paddle lost.

Paddle did well to make any headway against wind and tide. Muppet.

I love travelling


Some (Assorted) Dog Walks




Dog Walks


Dog Walks

Dog Walks




Camel Estuary

Camel Estuary

The Camel Estuary from the middle-loop morning dog walk.

Give Way

Give way

This is still confusing some people who drive.

After work boarding




The benefits of work from anywhere and a "finishing early 🏄" appointment in my calendar. Some nice waves @ Harlyn with F and then dinner from Big Pans. Yummy.

Foggy Cove

Hawkers Cove

A foggy morning walk to Hawkers Cove.

Lost boot

I found a boot.

Padstow Architecture Walks

Padstow Architecture Walk

The nook

№1: The Nook



Sandsnipe. Sniping sand.

If only I could be consistent on how the boat's name is spelt. In my defense, that was seventeen years ago.

I blame Sean

Rock Oyster

I started with a txt from Sean. He'd spotted a flyer for a "music festival for people that don't do music festivals".

Not to be out done, I quickly searched up the twinkling lights we'd seen the night before while crossing the Camel at Wadebridge. Aha, some festival thing, a combination of music and… food. Hardly surprising in the land of the rising PadStein.

Rock Oyster

Although I'd missed Grandmaster Flash by about 12 hours (tragedy) Passenger was playing that evening. And day tickets are still available you say? Wonderful. Despite my sarcastic negativity, probably the best live set I've seen. And yes, that includes both Ghost Face Killer and Cradle of Filth.

The trees are running

Dancing trees

Watch out, heavy plants are on the move. Very heavy.

Cove with a view

Perfect spot

Cove with a view. A view of the three people and two dogs getting cut off on the sand bank by a rising tide across the estuary. Fortunately "swimming for it" was successful.

Tide times

Take care folks. And check the tide times.

Happy 81

L's Birthday

Happy 81 L!!!! The birthday swim is becoming a tradition. Hopefully the post-swim Thai meal will too.

L's Birthday

The boys went for a dip too. Just not these boys.

L's Birthday

As ever, Pip kept watch.

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