Ortlieb #2

Ortlieb #2

After 8 years of faithful service, keeping clothes, books, laptop and morning pastries warm and dry, Ortlieb #1 is retiring. The split in the base finally deciding that no amount of gaffer-tape will keep it closed. The ideal replacement, Ortlieb #2 of course.

Prof Speaking

Professor Lindsay MacDonald on Image Quality at the University of Westminster

Blast from the past. Professor Lindsay MacDonald speaking at Transactions: Imaging/Art/Science – Image Quality, Content and Aesthetics [link]

Extinction Rebellion

The boat, Oxford Circus. Extinction Rebellion

My commute last week through London was made lovely by the lovely people at Oxford Circus and Marble Arch. This week you could tell it was ‘business as usual’ by the taste of the pollution.

Race Night

One of these has to be a winner

Wallingford Town fund raising race night fun! My strategy to win a race succeeded – just by a bet on every horse. Sadly, that’s not a strategy to win $£$£$£. Happily, the $£$£$£ lost went to the club. Everyone’s a winner.