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Images from the land of the slightly upset oak tree

Yogi Leaves

Yogi Leaves

"Oh, he's still here?" said Ewok, with a slight tinge of disappointment.

Blue Tin Comedy

Mike Stand

Sat in a field on the coldest and stormyest(!!) night of the year for a laugh.

A great evening of entertainment from Charlie, Josh, Angela, Des and the two guys who danced on stage at the end. Impressive on a pallet.

A space

Space created

Woodinville bear was impressed with the space, but was a little worried about sliding off the new plinth.

Still not recovered

One shattered Ewok

Still not recovered from the weekend.

Car park construction

Car park construction

The winter roses have a great view...

Car park construction

...of the carpark that M is constructing. Bikes are so much less hassle.

It started off as a quick "M can grade that for you with his digger, much easier than a shovel" and escalated into architecture with recycled-sleepers heaven.

Morning coffee view


I could, should, have been running. Instead I had a coffee and soaked in the view.


Curzon Oxford

Dune with F. 9/10. Loud.

Seattle Wagon

Seattle Wagon

Spotted out and about in Oxford. A long way from its natural habitat.

Student care package

Student Care Package?

"Anything you need us to bring H?"

"A honey roast gammon would be nice."

"Sure, we'll bring 2."

Any bets for how long they'll last?

Beacon Hill


"Well that'll end up on the c r o s s o a k blog" said H. So true.

A memory of a pre-lunch recovery walk at Beacon Hill. After the previous day's yomp I feel we all did quite well, especially old-man Ewok.

Ancient Paths

Walking the Ridgeway

This was before it got dark before we made it back to the pub. 10k was 5k too many.

A little Ridgeway View

Walking the Ridgeway

A lovely lunch, conversation and a walk with H & D. The walk was a tad too long, something for which I'm a) very sorry and b) pleading for forgiveness. D spotted this pic and I stole it (and he was right, we did something like this in a previous November).


Reading station carpark

Taxi service for those returning from the easy life gig.

Walking the bounds

Walking the bounds

While walking the hounds around the bounds.

The Photographer

We came across a photographer. A proper photographer.



This time of year I'm normally in the dark on a train. But for the second November in a row it's getting light in the morning and I'm not on a bike.



It went.

Cake, Awesomeness

Carrot Cake

Awesome carrot cake, baked by awesome A. Chef extraordinaire. It's disappearing.






Thanks for a lovely weekend. It was quacking!

Waiting for visitors


Corona. Still.


It's now 653 days and counting. Remembering the five million who have died1, including the many thousands of deaths in the UK that could have been avoided.

  1. John Hopkins University data and dashboard

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