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Patiently. It is a roast after all.



Are these the boots

Are these the boots you're looking for

You're looking for?

Edge of the trampoline

End of the trampoline

The edge of the trampoline, signifying the end of the trampoline. And an end of an era.

Flying Niro

Flying Niro

Turns out that it wasn't this one. And it wasn't a bike either.

Student Care Package


In 2021, a student care package means fast, reliable, low latency Internet. Everywhere. Well, everywhere except where we are, where the two asthmatic mice blowing ones and zeros down a piece of string usually max out at 8Mbps.

Walking to Paddington

Walking to Paddington


The art outside the gallery

Things seen walking back to Paddington. Yes, I was avoiding the tube, and yes I was also missing my bike.

New Office View

I've had a few office views over the years.

There was the Barrington Hall View; the gardens of an English Country House. There were the Microsoft Redmond Campus views that included Lake Bill, a hint of the Cascades and perfectly manicured grass. The Microsoft UK office view was memorable through not being worth remembering (but the walk there and back was awesome). I'm not sure if the The Oxford Academy counts, it was a classroom not an office after all (but the commute was good too). Skype had many views, from Tallinn, to Seattle and even London. And mixed in around this period were some "I'm workings on the train office views. Amazon provided some variations on a theme, Seattle (again!) towards the space needle, and London looking East and West. Then there's been last 19 months of office views that have had a large proportion of "working from the garden".

Office views

Office views

But of all the office views, the latest are not too shabby.

Back on the train gang

Back on the train

First day in an office since March last year.

Looks like we're flying again

Looks like we're flying again

After a year and a half of beautiful, plane free (or mybe more plane-challenged) skies, it looked this morning like things were getting back to How They Were.

Scotland, a rough guide

A rough guide

F caught me reading this this morning. He said, "you know that there's this thing called the internet". Cheeky so-and-so.

Not this one?

Not this one

Probably not this one. It was more like driving an iPad than a car. Maybe this one because it feels more like a car than a computer game.

Could be back in WA

Could be back in WA

A bit foggy this morning

A bit foggy

Cosy on a Friday Night


Grace's Gallery

Grace's Gallery

The mouth of the Camel

The mouth of the Camel

Snapped between the showers while on a walk with Ewok and Yogi.

Very different from yesterday's view.

Morning Padstow

Good morning padstow

Morning light

Up early and a walk with the boys before breakfast.

The Shipwrights

Sheltering from the squall

We had to stop to shelter from the squall, but the light was worth it.

Quay Side Reading

The places in between

A quiet spot on the quay for a spot of reading.

Overheard while sat there, the crew of a boat planning to sail up to Scotland for the climate sumit, sampling the sea-soundscape on the way. I hope they got their TV slot. The producer (just arrived from south east London even though there's no petrol) sounded positive about an early morning piece to camera from the foredeck. But the lost and exasperated cameraman I saw the next morning probably meant that the tide-constrained slot had been missed.

Amazon Delivers


90 mins after the apology email that the delivery would be a day late, up pulls a branded van. It sits there for a few minutes and then drives off. I'm wondering which person or system realised that the package wasn't in the van and when, oh, and what the COE will read like. busmansholiday.

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