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Images from the land of the slightly upset oak tree

Love, coffee

Love coffee

A two coffee day. Treat! My excuse was the hike was exhausting.

Beer pong table


Table. Perfect for beer pong. Apparently.

Honey Street

Honey Street Hike

Honey Street Hike

Honey Street Hike

Honey Street Hike

Honey Street Hike

Honey Street Hike

Honey Street Hike

Honey Street Hike

Honey Street Hike

A circle walk up and along the Ridgeway and back from the awesomely named Honey Street. We saw two other walkers on the route (excluding the canal bit which was heaving). But then it was blowing an absolute hoolie. Lovely. As always, thanks chaps, a most excellent strole.

London, Again





I used to do this 3 or 4 times a week. Now it's 3 or 4 times a year. Paddington to Dean Street via Hyde Park. It felt quieter than Wallingford. Actually, it was market day in Wallingford and I'm pretty sure Wallingford was busier.

During the storm

A wet and wind blown Ewok

Ewok taking shelter after getting wet and windswept from whatever storm it is that's battering us at the moment.


Field walls

If "walks" was a series then there would be more than a few posts in it.

Welsh Motorcycles

Sky, sand and (Welsh) motorcycles

Enjoying a quiet spot out of the wind along the harbour wall, reading random stats about the carbon impact of everything, when a group of very friendly Welsh motorcyclists arrived looking for a spot to park.

How could one say no?



In Mum's lovely garden.

Catching up with mum

With mum

Night out

Dinner out

I know how to treat a girl: out for a dinner date.

Takeaway pizza and a quiet but windy spot on a hill with a view. 10 points for the view, not so many for everything else.

Smallest House

Smallest house in Padstow?

Possibly the smallest house in Padstow.

With M

F & M

M helping out with the unwrapping.

Cooling off on a damp patch

Cooling off

Under the table

Something interesting under the table

There was something extra under the table. Took a while to spot it.

Big Day


Happy birthday beautiful.

April Snow

Snow ride

Snow ride

Snow ride

Snow ride

Snow ride

Snow ride

Snow in April? Proving that it's never a bad day to ride.

Pausing for the view


I tried to make it look like I'd stopped for the view. More like I'd run out of puff. Up hill, in slippy snow, with a demister failure with my spex.

Garden Evolved


The garden has changed. Controversial I know, but the boys claim to prefer it as it was.

Cue silence at the dinner table.


Litter Heros

Opening Up, Slowly



In a tree

In a tree

In a tree


Lovely time with the S's — as lock down opens up, slowly, slowly slowly…

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