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But first coffee

Coffee first then the world. Jenny Graham

One down from 積ん読. A great read by Jenny Graham on her world record round the world ride: Coffee First, Then the world.

Seen from the door of the tent at Pencelli.

How to dry a tent

Tent drying

Cheat cream

Ice cream

Yes, it's ok to snag an ice cream before the end of the hike (you just can't bet on one being available at the end!).

This one from a lovely chap at Torpantau.


Smoking bin

Mart booked us a slot in the lovely Pencelli Castle campsite (note to self, castle???). Last time we were here was with the boys. Smoking!

Post hike beer

Post hike pints

After the walk. Didn't last long.

Brecon Loop

Pen-y-fan Loop Hike

Pen-y-fan Loop Hike

Pen-y-fan Loop Hike

Pen-y-fan Loop Hike

Pen-y-fan Loop Hike

Pen-y-fan Loop Hike: the queue for the summit photo

Pen-y-fan Loop Hike

Pen-y-fan Loop Hike

Pen-y-fan Loop Hike


A beautiful 30k loop with Mart in the Brecon's.

Blaen-y-Glyn down to Torpantau and then the track up to what was the Upper Neuadd Reservoir (still on the OS map 😉). Then a steep up to the ridge along to Cefn Cul, past Rhiw yr Ysgyfarnog and Craig-Gwaun-Taf to Corn Du (and the first cheese and salad Croissant).

From Corn Du to Pen y Fan (ignoring the very English queue for the summit photo), a second Croissant, and then across to Cribyn (and a third).

Cribyn down then up to Fan y Big, Croissant number 4, and a chat with the mountain biker (olde school, hard core, no E's).

Decision time: short or longer way back?

Fan y Big down to Craig Cwareli, along the ridge to Bwich y Ddwyallt and then across and down the spur ro Twyn Du and the bottom of the Talybont Reservoir (danger, hidden machinery and strong currents!).

From the reservoir the track (cycle route 8) all along the eastern shore and a slog back up to Blaen-y-Glyn.

Awesome. Thanks mate!

Here's the route (via openrouteservice):

GPX route.

Padstow, Briefly

Padstow, briefly

Padstow, briefly. Catching up with N and P and seeing the progress.

Sketching the Garden



F, doing a much nicer version of May in the Garden.

Ewok, Frazzled


Still not 100% with his trim. But posting by the laundry helped. Apparently, it's a competition with Pip.

Little E. My Buddy


Chilling out with Little E.

Pill Box Evening

The box

The view across the field to the pill box and the tower of Benson Church. Beautiful Light.


The Trolley

Shopping in style!

Post run Yogi rest

Yogi. Seriously unimpressed that when I said

Yogi. Seriously unimpressed that when I said "let’s go for a run" I meant it literally.

A little spot in the sun

Ewok catching some sun

Little E finding a spot in the sun to start the post walk recovery.

A stroll along the river bank

River walk

At last, some half decent weather. We walked into town. It was beautiful, but a little too far for little E.

Ewok trying to hide

Ewok trying to hide

Trying to blend in with the pile of straw at the bottom of the field. Not too successfully.

Dinner is Served


May in the garden

May in the garden

May in the garden

May in the garden

May in the garden

It's back, May in the Garden. Early May at least.

More May in the Garden.

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