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Images from the land of the slightly upset oak tree

Birthday Treat at 100

Ewok at 100

To the pub for a birthday beer, ice cream and a salmon treat. It was the last ice cream too!

walking into the rising sun

Padstow, walking home

This time of year is perfect for getting Yogi and Ewok out (or for them getting me out) to experience the sun rise on our morning walk. Heading back into town it's rising and warming your face as you stride down Cross Street, accelerating towards breakfast.

Harlyn, surf, waves, board, walk

Harlyn waves, surf, walk and a board

Harlyn waves, surf, walk and a board

Harlyn waves, surf, walk and a board

First empty nest weekend

Empty nest

Empty nest

This is going to take some getting used to.

All to ourselves

Dogs on the beach walk

The whole beach. All to us.

Dogs on the beach walk

Dogs on the beach walk

We made the most of it.

Nearly 100 walk

Dogs on the beach walk

Dogs on the beach walk

Dogs on the beach walk

Dogs on the beach walk

Dogs on the beach walk

Ewok is nearly 100. So we went for a walk on his favourite beach.

Dogs on the beach walk

Great company. Great views.

art, music, London

The lane

A day trip to London, starting with a walk down the lane for a ride.

Art, music, London

The bus to Victoria for Mango Pepsi performaance art

Art, music, London

Art, music, London

A walk to the wobbly bridge past a to-be-reviewed LTN.

Art, music, London

Art, meta, in the Tate. Recursion. Repeats.

(And where every other visitor or member of staff appeared to be a fellow sisters fan.)

Art, music, London

Surprise of the day, a hug with lovely F.

Art, music, London

And then Camden for beer before Chalk Farm for tunes and karaoke.

Art, music, London

Felt like we were experiencing the end of something.

Huge day out.

Diolch yn fawr, G, S and S.

Sunny Spot

Sunny spot

At nearly 100 it's ok to doze the afternoon away in a sunny spot.

South Bank

South bank



Foggy Walk

Foggy walk

Climbing in the gorge

Climbing the gorge - Bristol

Climbing the gorge - Bristol

The boys treated me to an afternoon climbing Sea Walls in the Avon Gorge. Mega! Thanks lads 🤩

Communication Check


Is this thing on?

Too soon?

Christmas lights still up in September

The lights are still up. Too soon for Christmas?

Torino Green

Torino Green at So long summer, Littlebury

Torino Green at So Long Summer, Littlebury.


Was Helch. Was give peas a chance.

Give Peas a Chance

Cleaned cracks

Cleaned slabs

I think I prefer them overgrown and messy. But A has a thing about order in the garden.



September in the garden. Could this be a thing?

Bench with a view

M40 bench

A lovely spot to sit and reflect… on the M40 south bound.

New Digs

New digs

New Loughborough digs.

New digs


New wallpaper too‽‽‽

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