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Images from the land of the slightly upset oak tree

The gap

Hawker’s Cove

Looking across to the gap from Hawker's Cove. Imagine this moving while listening to Coldplay.

Padstow, high tide at the outer harbour

The outer harbour

The end of a long, downer of a week. Dragged myself out for the last of the daylight. Result.

A box

The container

A box for stuff. Great so long as you haven't watched A Boat Story.

Running to Hawker's

Heading to Hawker’s

The top of the hill, now heading down.

No one watching the ferry

Nearly back to town, with noone watching the ferry.

Combe Gibbet Hike

Combe Gibbet

A gentle 13k loop with the gents.

Padstow Reflecting

Padstow Harbour

Editors note: does this make your eyes go funny too? The image is flipped so it's upside down, which makes your brain think that you're looking up to the boats, and that doesn't make sense because for that to be up you'd need to be under water.



Front Row Seats

Front row viewing



Stuff wrapped for the frosty season.

Inspecting the flood plain

Ewok walks

Ewok wearing high-vis for the inspection.

Lake Gerald Views

Sunrise over Lake Gerald

Ewok and the flood

Ewok checking out a frosty Lake Gerald.

Helping Paw

Ewok helping

Apparently this form of assistance from Ewok was not appreciated.

London Office

London Eye

Heading North on foot

Views from a very fresh air break between meetings.

Dog walk wading

Jan 2024 Flooding

At what point does a walk become a wade?

[Ed: don't ever enter flood water, it's dangerous. The RNLIs Flood Rescue Manual has a section on the study of water and hazards that explains why.]

2024 Floods Three

Jan 2024 Flooding

January blues beating idea: let's ride a loop along the river and see what's happening. First stop Shillingford.

Jan 2024 Flooding

Boats surrounded.

Jan 2024 Flooding

A little bit of flow through the arches.

Jan 2024 Flooding

But if you look downstream it just looks, well, "full".

Jan 2024 Flooding

After a near miss heading to Benson the road through Crowmarsh Battle looked sketchy.

Jan 2024 Flooding

Jan 2024 Flooding

Jan 2024 Flooding

Wallingford was looking damp too.

Jan 2024 Flooding

In some spots the river is now several fields wide.

2024 Floods Two

Jan 2024 Flooding

Jan 2024 Flooding

Yup, it got worse over night.

Jan 2024 Flooding

"Wow" said Ewok. I have to admit that he did look a little shocked.

Benson lock river level showing height of 5.5m (above the previous recorded high of 4.42m in 2014)

Yes. Lake Gerald is back

Yogi on fire

Jan 2024 Flooding

...enjoying the glow in the evening sun.

(I had turn the vibrance down on this one. I know, no no filter.)

2024 Floods

Jan 2024 Flooding

We walked down to see how the river was treating the temporary parking for the lock keeper.

Jan 2024 Flooding

Jan 2024 Flooding

Not great.

Jan 2024 Flooding

"I'll sit here for scale" said Yogi.

Jan 2024 Flooding

Ewok wasn't impressed either.

New Year Walk

New year walk

A new year, a new walk. Seeking out the dry-ish routes above Ewelme.

Post-Christmas Swim in the Sea

Padstow Swim

Padstow Swim

Padstow Swim

Padstow Swim

Padstow Swim

After the walk we just had to do the post-Christmas swim. Even with wet suits it was a tad colder than the walk. Bracing. Yogi got into the spirit of things by finding and eating a stinky fish on the walk back. He's Mr Fish now.

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