Lost Bike Book


Martin & Co. gave me a book about a crazy guy who rode a bike through Europe from the cold north to the hot south. I’m pretty sure the bike was one of these — an East German manufactured folding bike, but without the usual strengthening wooden cross-bar addition seen here.

I can’t find the book right now, so a note to self to check my memory later.




F emerges

First stop on our kayak trip from Komi┼ża was the beautiful Knezica beach just around the headland. It’s a lovely small beach and, apart from the two nudists that joined us for a brief swim, we had it completely to ourselves.

New alarm

Casio Quartz Classic

Criteria: It must not tick. It must not be a phone or other internet connected device. Nice to have: not too shabby to look at.

Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen Shelves

I thought I’d try and sneak a few books onto the kitchen shelves when no one was looking. Didn’t last long.

Brov went one up with a paperback knife rack. Jealous.


A quick walkabout during a brief break in a training course back in Seattle.

Dan-yr-Ogof and back

Dan-yr-ogof hike

Dan-yr-ogof hike

Dan-yr-ogof hike

Dan-yr-ogof hike

Dan-yr-ogof hike

Dan-yr-ogof hike

Dan-yr-ogof hike

Lovely hike in the Western Brecon Beacons with Martin. Up the Tawe valley to Llyn y Fan Fawr, up on to the ridge and along to Fan Foel, then back along the ridge line via Allt Fach. Camping at Dan-yr-Ogof (thirty years after staying in the holiday chalets there as a kid); great grub at Tafarn-yr-Garreg; and a lovely cuppa from the guy in the campavan who took pity on us breaking camp in the rain this morning. Awesomeness.

Day Trip







By popular demand, more snaps from the F-trip to London and the Shard


I would have posted earlier, but I got distrated by the view from the bathroom.