durham cathedral

durham cathedral

drank beer with graeme & jo in sunny durham at the weekend, hence too late to get inside the cathedral.

this piccy shows a view close to the one in the painting over (great) granny’s fire place.

serious construction project. started by alice but harvey takes over after an explaination from gavin over what is a mans job.

[The picture of gavin drinking pims has been removed for legal reasons – Ed]

west country break: flynn seriously not impressed by gavin’s idea that he ride the 8 miles there and 8 miles back. needless to say flynn ran most of the way

west country break: flying flynn made friends with finn. for some reason finn thought flynn was called alice. perhaps he thought it was less confusing that way

west country break: by bike from padstow past wadebridge towards bodmin. there’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing

west contry break: went sailing in and around padstow and rock with gavin

west country break: bicton and around with graeme & jo

window frame. second in an occasional series

this one happens to be in hazel & paul’s kitchen