giraffe – finn’s current best friend. Lost while picking plumbs at park fruit farm, but found while we were picking blackberries. Pictured here on a sandy beach, somewhere on the east coast. Reward if found.


finn found another canine friend, meet scooby, who was enjoying a holiday with faith (at least until we arrived)

holkham beach

holkham beach – scientists say the second best beach in england (that’s england as in england, not england as in the UK).

Sources: The Times and Surrey University

Obviously, they forgot to include frinton – we’re off to petition Dr Dimitrios Buhalis

quality control

every potato was measured, weighed; then washed in chlorine and refrigerated to 2 celsius for transportation from the field to the customer.

this year’s potato crop from two plants planted late.

window frame, another in an occasional series

will you still love me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64