Family Flying


With over 30 trips to the USA in recent years this was the first with the whole gang. Oh my, what have I done? Actually, it wasn’t that bad, except that the boys slept enough on the plane to keep us up all through the first night in the hotel. Duh!

Front & Back


#10 at somewhere north of 100; that’s older than my gran.

Where we’re off to houses older than my children are said to be ‘old’, houses older than me appear to be ancient.

Keen eyed spotters will notice the Eucalyptus is doing well too.

let by be by


One house, many boxes and, thanks to Paul, a tidy garden too.

The crossed out items on the to-do list finally outnumber the todo’s!

Can’t find my socks


Day 2: “Mission control, we have a problem, I think you may have packed my socks”.

Then again, most of them come courtesy of BA, one of the ‘benefits’ of traveling so much – or so I’m told, so buying some new ones might be a good idea.

I hope James doesn’t notice I’m sockless when we meet for a beer later, worse that Magoos turns out to have a ‘smart casual sock’ dress code.

Prep’ing to move


A mad mad day today sorting stuff out before the packers arrive. Been too busy to take piccy’s – which was a shame because there was loads going on. Instead, I grabbed this image of our magwall, now devoid of interesting stuff with just the essentials remaining. 

Bart also thinks this moving lark is way outside the comfort zone, but then we’re not off to Strasbourg.

What’s Behind You?


Sometimes it pays not to look behind you. In this case, while taking a piccy of this tree, I was unaware of the sewage works lurking behind me…

… now we know where those flies came from ;-)



One of the advantages of packing up the house (or more correctly, of preparing for someone else to pack up the house) is all the fun you can have with the boxes; yes, those boxes that Dad stored for years in the loft just-in-case,  but that have to all be taken for recycling now we find we don’t need them…

…alternate title “Another clue for Dan“.



Nothing better on a summer evening than a kick about in the garden – anyone’s garden will do. Only trouble is that we now need to remember that it’s soccer not football.