Flat pack heaven


Les ponders what to do next with the latest and greatest in self assembly furniture instructions. At least he now knows why we were sooo keen for him to come and visit :-)

My suggestion was to frame the lot and hang it on the wall in Tate Modern.

SeaTac waste


This reminded me of a piece from some late night documentary on BBC2 about Glastonbury where somebody had studied the amount of time people spent deciding which bin to put what rubbish (trash) into. Apparently at the start of the day people could decide very quickly, but as the day wore on it took longer and longer until some tipping point was reached where the time taken rapidly dropped down to effectively zero…

Bye bye “Fredie-the-Froggy”


0.666666666666667 of our visitors flew back to the UK this afternoon (or at least we hope they did, last we saw they were waving from the other side of the security section). Thanks to J, P, S & H for sharing them.

Piccy’s for family are up on flickr.

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Grandad, Hazel & Fred are visiting! Grandad insists he had “a great flight” – despite photographic evidence (such as this) to the contrary.

60 miles


So far so good – I’ve managed 2 bike and 2 bus commute’s this week. That brings the bike total up to 60miles, and yes, I am feeling it :-)

Best bit is knowing that every car that passes you at the top of Avondale will be stuck in the traffic that you wizz through at the bottom. Worst bit is the way that the real pro’s cycle past you as if you where standing still on the 520 trial.

Illegal to pass…


…when red lights are flashing.

Here’s hoping H doesn’t apply the same rules to playing soccer in the garden. He’s already better than his Dad.

One for Emma


No arty farty stuff here, just a straight up piccy of F and H yesterday afternoon somewhere North of Paradise with a volcano in the background.

Obviously this picture was sponsored, hence the caps.

Pictures of the kitchen to follow…

A little hill


Us on a bench at Kautz Creek trail head [1].

The little hill peaking up in the background is Mount Rainier, all 14,411 feet of it.


As well as taking in the viewpoint, we took a little walk up the trail…


[1] US-English / UK-English translation: ”Trial Head’ == ‘Where the footpath starts’