Fay’s been commenting on the lack of people-pictures on c r o s s o a k.

“There’s too much abstract [censored]she said “that Berko lot will be complaining, again”

“…and they all do complain, that’s the thing” she continued (digging the hole deeper)

So please enjoy the following — normal service will be resumed shortly






DSC05941 DSC05942



Two consecutive days of sunshine and warmth means… time to get the mower out.

Actually, it was more of a chance to catch up on some [autumn | fall] jobs left unfinished, rather than rampant winter grass growth.

Too nice for the science center


We’d planned to go to the Pacific Science Center but it was just too nice to spend the day indoors


so instead we walked down to the water front and to the newly opened Olympic Sculpture Park


where we discovered someone had dumped some (HomeBase?) chairs in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Amphitheater.


and also where people were struggling to find things not to point their camera’s at.


So we grabbed a bag of chips from Anthony’s and walked along the waterfront to the aquarium.

Now, if only we’d thought to bring a couple of these for the trip back…


[Yeah – and I left my camera in the car and so you’ll have to imagine the beautiful sunset behind the Cascades as seen from Ray’s place in Ballard. Sorry]

Found it!

where? under the bed!

*** Found ***

One Nintendo DS case (er, pink) plus assorted games and video footage of exclusive interview with Major Nelson Jr

*** Conclusion ***

either (a) Aiddy is blind or (b) we don’t Dyson under the bed often enough

*** Apologies ***

Big ‘sorry’ to not-so-little H in Redmond…



We figured out why the garden looked like it was covered in diamonds this morning. Harvey took the field testing of his new (on sale in REI) balaclava a tad too seriously. But the choice of sled (sledge) as a get-away vehicle was inspired!

Snow 1 Seahawks 0


A great day with Dawn, Mark & Rachel although the Seahawks did loose to the Chicago Bears following a field goal in extra time: boooooooooo!


The colours from the setting sun driving home were amazing, and it was clear enough to see Rainier from the Woodinville-Duvall road across the Snoqualmie valley, even with a bit of ground mist rolling in.



Sleding (sledging) in Cottage Lake Park

Sledding (or sledging) in Cottage Lake Park. H took top honors (honours).

lost and found in cottage lake park 

At the top of sled (sledge) hill was a growing collection of lost+found (would be generally useful for finding stuff provided (a) there were more than 90 odd people in the group & (b) the pictures of ‘found’ stuff were geotagged)

Kool! neve erom wons


Snow means wrap up warm and have fun – and no need to keep a watchful eye of the mountain passes. Talking of watchful eyes, has Ken never read 1984?

Ekk! sorry, that last bit just sorta slipped out, normal programming has now been restored, and we return you, dear viewer, to some pictures of the snow and wintry conditions hear in western Washington…



More in the snow set on flickr.

Snow Again

Looking across to B9 Cafeteria

Yup, it’s snowing again. This is the current view across to the Cafeteria…

Entrance to B2

…and this is the path down to the car park (no, I didn’t cycle today!).

I’m adopting the “wait for the madness to die down a bit” policy of getting home. Other appear to have adopted the “leave early but abandon car” policy.