So having had the same office for six years, I’m now on my second in six months!

I’ve also swapped the mature woodland surroundings of the last building for some newer landscaping on another part of the campus.

Vin Rouge?


Vin Rouge or Camion Rouge? Either way, it went down rather well…

…rather too well for some (although that piccy’s been censored).

House for Alice

DSC06363 DSC06366DSC06370 DSC06375 DSC06389 DSC06397

Because they’re stuck on a tiny boat, with no refreshing rain (just hours of sunshine), and no noisy engines (just the soothing sound of a breeze in the sails and gentle waves on the bow), down in the Caribbean (how jealous am I, how not is Fay!) A & G asked to see the house.

Seeing as they’ve just crossed the Atlantic, I don’t see the issue with popping through the Panama Canal and up the west coast, but Fay thought some pic’s would be appreciated.

And look – not a jug in sight!

Real Football


Tomorrow is soccer practice, so we need to make sure everything is ready the night before.

Or, as ‘H’ describes it: “look dad, I’ve made a person!”

Suitable Clothing


Another in the there’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing series…


…even better: the combination of rain, much wetness, puddles and waterproofs makes for super-speedy slides at the park.



While ‘R’ admired the fantastic mirror feature of the standard-issue hobbit detector, the spiders  shimmed up his jacket and knicked the One Ring from his pocket, therefore preventing ‘R’ from making it available to one Bilbo Baggins and thence becoming available for the battle of Mirkwood…

Globalization & Enlightenment


Exhibit A

one watering can; location: Redmond, Washington State, USA; picture taken: March 2007


Exhibit B

one watering can; location: Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK, picture taken: March 2004

I leapt to the conclusion that exhibit A had been shipped from Berkhamsted to Redmond by the owners of said exhibit. Wrong. It was in the garden of the house when they moved in. Perhaps the previous owners also purchased it from Woods of Berkhamsted? Perhaps there’s only one watering can factory left in the world?

Ah, perhaps they’re just both based on the same classic design from John Haws

Summer Time Starting Early


Summer time is starting early this year. We’re told it’s to save energy (lighter evenings = less energy consumption) except there doesn’t appear to be any supporting data. In fact, there’s some evidence [pdf] to suggest daylight saving time doesn’t save energy – at least not in societies that tend to drive more when evenings are lighter…

Anyway, from tomorrow we’ll be on summer time here in the Pacific North West.




A Sunday afternoon in that park again. (T-Shirts by Captain Boog & Small Paul.)


Great walk – but looking forward to a bit more of this; soon.

[note to readers: there are no piccy’s from the last bit of off-road fun :-(  ]