bird feeder

“I can’t think of anything more boring than a picture of a bird on a bird feeder.”

Wet day in Seattle


Crossing the 520 floating bridge on ST545 was depressing, mid span both sides of the lake were hidden by low cloud.


fortunately, the weather cleared quick smart,


but the kids weren’t as cooperative when it came to grabbing a picture of all four of them!

Bucket & Spade


Note to self: before promising afternoon excursion with bucket and spade to build sand castles, ensure “beach” includes “sand”.

Deception Pass



Our grand circular tour included Deception pass on the north end of Whidbey Island…


The boy’s managed the walk upto Goose Rock – the highest point on the island – and in so doing bagged another summit :-)


But having reached the top, only a quick view across to the San Juan islands was allowed, before F insisted we run down to spend some ‘quality time’ on the beach…


For Jekko


The deer came and visited us this morning



but they heard that Jekko had missed them, so they came back again this evening!

Start them young


 All those late  night conference calls on distributed applications with CORBA when H was 6 months old and not sleeping appear to have rubbed off, and not least because I discovered that CORBA was good for something…

Today email via sneaker-net; tomorrow kernel hacker?


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Four dry

lake washington

Lake Washington is higher than usual (check it out) which meant the beach was under water and instead of playing around the rocks we had to balance on them.

Luckily we had no wet feet!

Flat chin


A last minute dive to stop H from scoring an equaliser resulted in a slight flattening of F’s chin. It’s alright, most people don’t notice, especially in dim lighting.