on top (nearly)

We made up for me being in the UK while friends from the UK were here in the US with a little weekend trip to the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

Fay, Molly, Fin and Harvey made it to the top of Artists Point, with Mount Shuksan (9,127 feet or 2,782 metres) behind.  

That is snow on the ground in July; the road up had only been cleared and opened the previous day.

feels like the top of the world




amelie hand

Baby Amelie at near enough one month old; exhausted after a stroll along the promenade at Sidmouth.

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Getting About

costa on a train

Getting about was easy thanks to Hilton’s Private Car Service (thanks Paul) and the odd train or two.

Good behavior means…


…that’s not all day Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

I thought it rather odd to see a six year old leaving notes for himself; I still send myself emails.

Weekend Away

wall map

A great weekend away at the North Cascades Institute Learning Center at Diablo Lake in the North Cascades National Park.

diablo lake

Diablo Dam


Diablo lake is formed by Diablo Dam, part of the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project and is surrounded by the odd mountain or two.

Sourdough Creek


The boys (+James & Robert) had their hiking feet on again

waterfall, sourdough mountain, wa.

and added another waterfall to the bag!

Much thanks to the crew: Jeff, Jeff, Cara, Adam, Ranger Paula, Ranger Lilly & the rest…

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Long hours = tired kids

after "bring your kids to work day"

Last Friday was ‘bring your kids to work day’. H & F suffered that, the “store”, and a quick scoot into REI for supplies for the weekend on the way home.

Priceless moment while checking them in at reception:

Dad, pointing to illuminated Internet Explorer ‘e’ sign above the entrance: “do you know what that is?”

H: “No”

Dad: “What to do you use when you go to the cbeebies site?”

H: “Firefox”

Much laughter from people various gathered in reception :-)


Golden Gardens

So, while some of us sat in meetings in 10/2269, kids+chums hit the beach at Golden Gardens park.

That’s _almost_ the pacific in the background!

Independence Day

independence cheese cake

Under-cover dessert police checking out the suitably decorated cheese cake at Wednesday’s independence day bar-b.



BBQ’d home made burgers and chicken for tea.

looks like we did something similar last year only Aunty is tightening up on the stuff that’s available to expats overseas :-(



Kayaking is out with a 6 and 3 year old, and grade 4 white water is definitely a no go. So, after the rafting trip, our next water adventure was a little paddle on Lake Washington, in around union bay by the Arboretum.


Very relaxing, in fact too relaxing. Guess who had a little sleep in the bottom of the boat?

If you’re visiting, boat hire was from the University of Washington’s water activities center.

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Summer is here


The summer evening sun streams into the family room


Sometimes it gets so sunny that F has to wear his shades.