north cascades from sourdough ridge

After a long stretch of amazing weather, we awoke yesterday to cloudy skies, not a patch of blueness in sight. The obvious remedy was to drive up to Sunrise for a little clear air and a small 4+ mile hike with the boys (more of that later). This was the view north from Sourdough Ridge — Mount Baker is just visible on the horizon line to the right (that’s about 130 miles north), and we live over to the left, underneath all that cloudy stuff.


A September Saturday


A morning ride with Daniel, from Redmond Watershed and along the Tolt trail (and back)


with some deer along for the ride (the others were too fast for piccy’s)

Seattle Aquarium

Then off to meet the others at the new extension at the Seattle Aquarium


where the Octopus had escaped

Ghost Tour?

so a quick walk along the water front (missing the ghost tour)


to Ivars (by the fire boats) for a spot of fish n’ chips

international fountain

before heading off to the international fountain

space needle

space needle

by the space needle

international fountain

for some fun with the boys

wet f

with the water…

international fountain

…and sun.

quality control interruption


‘F’ goes bump in Victoria

canadian base camp

‘F’ at Canadian base camp on long beach


‘F’ plays air guitar while waiting for the kayakers to do whatever kayakers do

These messages brought to you in the interests of restoring an equitable ‘F’ to ‘H’ ratio. Normal service will be resumed soon(ish).

Lego does Chess

lego chess

H getting to grips with Lego Chess after some fun and games with the installer.  The practice is needed for challenging granddad when he’s back from Canada.

sunset beach

Sunset on MacKenzie Beach

MacKenize beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada (the country where the queen’s head is on the dollars).