Pilchuk: Take 2




The previous attempt was a bit of a slog. This time we made it past the start (trail head)

chris and green mountain from the trail head

The view across to Green Mountain

lunch at the trail head

Lunch spot: the snow was approx. 12 feet deep here

following the tracks

Going up was tough…

martin, taking the fast way down

…coming down was fun

high point photo

Eventually the “High Point” which observant readers will note is not the “summit”. Yup, Pilchuck wins again

what happens when the snow runs out

What happens when the snow runs out?

Odd Hotels

Malmaison, Oxford

On previous occasions I’ve stayed in some odd hotels, like here and here. But this ex-prison as a hotel has been the only one to upset the kids.

Watch Out Spring

tractor man

At a top secret camp far away from Newham, granddad underwent a rigorous training regime in preparation for starting up a competitive gardening service with the motto: “measure once, cut twice”.
Paul & Dave are said to be in a state of minor shock at the thought of the competition.

Spring Break: La Push One


Day one at La Push on the Olympic Peninsula Pacific coast.

driftwood II

driftwood I
Lots of drift wood, although it’s hard to imagine some of this stuff ‘drifting’.

Spring Break: Getting Lost

mossy trees

If you’re lost, you can tell which way is North because moss grows on that side of trees (assuming you’re not so lost that you’re no longer in the northern hemisphere).
Except when it doesn’t, in places like the Hoh Rain Forest.

The boys now appreciate why it’s called a rain forest, and not, for example, a drizzle wood.

Spring Break: Sol Duc Hot Springs

foggy sol duc

We hit Sol Duc for a dip in the hot springs……with a variety of interesting characters. Unfortunately it was too steamy to capture on film (or CCD, or CMOS).

sol duc ranger station

After a quick stop at the ranger station to assess conditions

road closed

We hiked up the closed road towards Sol Duc falls




Unfortunately snow obscured the trail making route finding impossible so,

looking for a snow hole

after a quick stop to find the sweets that F had hidden in the snow,


dejectedly, we headed back to the cabin.

Spring Break: Wildlife

The odd bit of wildlife was spotted during our break

inquisitive sealion

Sealions came and said hello

loud seagull 

Seagulls told us where to go

fat squirrel

Fat squirrels ate

bear tracks?

And small bear’s ran away

Spring Break: Hurricane Ridge

trees on the ridge

First stop on the spring break adventure: Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park.

Nearly a view

Good news was that the road was open, not so good news was that we didn’t break out of the cloud so we had to play in the snow rather than admire the views
(I don’t think anyone else minded though).

h in a snow hole

f in a snow hole


The boys discovered some snow holes to play in while a nervous dad stood ready with an avalanche shovel

watch that spade! 

…yes, really!
F later put it to better use by turning the tables on his big brother.

one, two, three...push

where did we leave the sled?

We also managed a bit of sledding without a sledge.


and I even got to wear my new specs…


…which embarrassed F so much that he buried his head in the snow.

Misty Morning

Misty morning

A misty morning down at Cottage Lake today.
This pic is the end of a week long series looking at the weather (the others are here) and resulted from some inspiration supplied by this anonymous comment.

You see, you, dear reader, really are in control.
Feel the power.


something missing in the office

The consequences of
(what I must admit was a particularly successful)
April fool early today yesterday.

Yes, most of the contents of my office disappeared J
Full details of the gag here and reactions here.