Golden Evening

shark on the sand

Dinner at Ray’s and then a stroll along Golden Gardens to watch the sun go down behind the Olympics, and to avoid the occasional basking shark in the sand.

sunset fin interpretive sand dance

F spent some time engaging in his interpretive sand dance routine

with granddad on the beach

and posing for pics.

Mum’s away

mums away so breakfast treats!

Mum’s away, so treats for breakfast.

 New friends: sonic and star wars

New friends have arrived too: meet sonic + starwars (hiding in the water plants)

Talapus Lake


on the trail

With Mum in Nicaragua, what better way to spend the first day of Autumn than a little hike to Talapus Lake?

alpine lakes wilderness

The lake is in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Alpine Lakes Wilderness Pass

…so you need one of these.
Aside: We also needed to renew our NorthWest Forest Pass — turns out Talapus was the first hike that the ranger in North Bend did when he was a kid…

counting by the river

On the way up there are some good rest spots alongside Talapus creek.

H looking pleased about something

There’s also muddy spots to avoid.
H is looking pleased with himself because he did a Matrix-style triple stumble around this particular patch, avoiding getting his knees, face and bum covered in the sticky stuff.

finn with skunk cabbage

Not forgetting the skunk cabbage to pose by.


H & F at Lake Talapus

We found a quiet spot at the edge of the lake for our lunch: but dad forgot the swimmers so we stayed dry (just as well really)

tasting the fresh air

On the way down F decided to do route finding by “taste” rather than by “sight”

dad's ears

wile H did impressions of Dad’s ears.

mud = fun

Sign of a good walk? Muddy legs :-)