Ewok took over the bathroom


Ewok took over the bathroom yesterday.
Yes, really. He’s only a ten-week old puppy and I couldn’t even get through the door to take his picture – there was so much “dog beauty stuff” everywhere.
I couldn’t tell you what dog beauty stuff is, all I know is that there was a lot of it…

New hair cut


H was playing in a footy tournament at the weekend as a guest player for a friends team.
This required a new haircut, as seen above. A strange request you might think, but it appeared to work; they won three games from three.

Squirrel Harvest

Pine cone

It’s the time of year when walking in the garden without a crash hat is dangerous.
The local squirrels are harvesting pine cones, which involves the cones being knocked out of the tree and then falling 200ft before thumping into the ground.

This example is from a Douglas Fir. You can tell from the mouse tails.

Not more cuddles!

More cuddles

By the evening Ewok was getting just a little fed up of all the attention.
“Just a little yawn” he thought, “surely no-one would notice?”

Socializing Starbucks

Socializing Ewok @ Starbucks

Apparently socializing a young pup is a critical part of his early development.
This being Seattle-land: socializing == coffee == starbucks. Fin.

Ewok: day three

Puppy training 101

Day three in the little Ewok house and Fay is starting puppy training with a discussion about who is taking who for the walk.

Ewok doing his best chewy impression

Later, Ewok entertains with his best chewy impression,

Ewok chillin on the deck

before later chilling out with his toys in the evening sunshine.

For those asking, Ewok is a boy Labradoodle, or, to be slightly more precise, an Australian Labradoodle.

Finn & Friend

Swinging with Ewok

Finn & Ewok taking a swing.

[Yes, Ewok pictures have taken over,
usual service may or may not resume at some point in the future]

An Ewok is in the Garden


Ewok arrived this morning


and appears to have spent most of the day in the garden. snoozing.


and watching.


Ewok Celebration

H & F celebrated the arrival in their own special ways.


duck b

pike place market

flag and wall

Fay took Toni & little H out for a big day in Seattle.
But with a flat camera batt, all you get to see are some views from the back of the duck…


…and the obligatory little H pic!

Cloudy Mount NoRainier

essentials for the journey

A cloudy day in Woodinville? Let’s head up to Rainier for some sun and views (well, it has worked before).

The boys had the car packed with mountain essentials: DS; Play Mobil; water (with ice); and a safe full of money (plastic).

big truck

The drive down provided great views, of monster classic trucks

Little H

and cute kids.

Driving in cloud

But once successfully past the antique shoppe and garage sale trap of Eatonville, things started to look a tad murky.

Mount Rainier. No, really

The view of the mountain at Paradise left everyone speechless.

summer meadows in the gloom

At least the summer meadows were in full Jessica-style bloom;

foggy guide service

the guide service hut had melted out since our last visit;

Fay & Toni

and all that cloud kept the water falls flowing.

3 boys

Fay & Toni (cone head & flat head)

The ‘flat head’ and ‘cone head’ impressions went down well.

where's waldo now?

A lovely day – or so they claimed [ed].

Windows 7

Ten past four at the Windows 7 ship party

Well it’s done. RTM [1] was at the end of last month, party yesterday and GA [2] is later in October. W00t! or so I hear they say.

On to Window 8?

Posted from a Windows 7 build (as have most of the other c r o s s o a k posts since early 2007, but don’t tell Fay that).

[1] RTM – release to manufacturing                    [2] GA – general availability
Why the long gap? Ecosystem readiness my friend, or in plain-speak, making sure all the other stuff that comes with a new PC works in harmony with the new Windows.