Family Snaps

Family (most of)

A quick snap on the way down to the beach…

All five of us 

…and another right on the edge of the path that runs along the edge of the beach, and I’m in this one too!

Discovery Park Black Friday

Olympics from Discovery Park

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when consumer Christmas starts and everyone goes shopping (except of course those that don’t go shopping). Apparently, it’s known as Black Friday after the crowds and traffic congestion experienced because of the excess of shoppers in Philadelphia in the late 1960s.

It's a stones through

For our tradition, we walked down to the beach and threw stones at the water.

It was this bigFinn

Which was fun, except Ewok couldn’t join in (he’s banned from the beach and can’t throw stones anyway).

Board Walk

This was the only non-muddy bit of the walk.

Proper walk

And yes, ‘twas a proper walk!



H got his Bobcat badge. Well done!
It stays upside down until he’s done a good deed.


Cute pair

The best bit about wet beaches is the cuddle you get when your paws are dried.

Turtleback Mountain

Turtleback Mountain Preserve

Ship peak trail

A great little hike up to Ship Point on Turtleback Mountain. Steep going up but the views were fantastic.

F on the trail

Lego shop ahead?

Ewok ahead

F found the going a little hard at first, but magic signs on the trail soon had him whizzing upward.

A wet lunch, but a grand view

Our lunch spot was out of the wind but got damper as the rain set in…

We're dry here

…we didn’t get too wet though!

Evening to Night

Evening beach walking

Evening walk with Fay and the three boys along the beach as the chilly sun sets

Night view from West Beach

leaving an amazing glow on the horizon as the next days storm rolls in.

Lost Memories

Lost memories

On a rock at Obstruction Pass Park.
There might be a name and address on the card, or maybe a virus. Should I look? Whatdoyouthink?

Obstruction Pass Park


Down a winding track past Olga is Obstruction Pass Park.
The website says this is one of Orcas islands ‘lesser known hiking areas’, and when we visited we were the only ones there.

Cliff top (it wasn't high)

Our beach

There was a hard on-shore wind blowing on the south beach, but the boys found a great spot in the lee looking out on to the sound.

Mum with Ewok

Finn & Ewok

A perfect spot for Ewok posing…

Kite flying

…and kite flying.

Luvly. And made even better buy a bowl of warming soup at the Olga Cafe on the way home.

Cascade Lake Loop

Cascade Lake Loop

Cascade Lake has a loop. It makes a very nice walk, about 2.7 miles all the way around.

Crossing new bridge

There’s a new bridge across the lagoon

Ewok leading on the trail

and it’s Ewok-friendly too.

Moss face

With mossy spots to turn into happy faces

Cascade lake

dramatic views of the lake

Road runner

and only two roads to cross (or one, twice).

Night time ferry adventure

ferry tracking

The ferry was almost empty (apart from Friday Harbor’s High School football team) and the only way to figure out where we were was with the GPS thingy in the car…