Storm over Wittenham Clumps

storm cloud over wittenham clumps

Timed my head-clearing ride all wrong today. Did a loop, starting into a strong blustery headwind. Weather front moved through, so homeward stretch also had a headwind.

Lost the cobwebs & got a snap of the clumps from a different angle though.

Cheeky Homework

Cheeky Homework

F had to categorize the larder contents for homework this week.
Halfway through he was caught having a sneaky snack.

The winner

First Flower

The boys planted loads of bulbs with Fay last autumn. H had the left side of the garden, F the right. First flower was this tulip, under the window on the left. H was duly declared the winner. F, it’s quality not speed that counts…

World Pooh Sticks Championships


The mug punters and the berko bouncers almost managed to miss the World Pooh Sticks Championships…

Team waiting area

What with the clocks changing, roundabout approach drive and mixing up the ‘where to meet’ instructions.

Official standard pooh sticks

But we managed to just make the heats, clutching (or not) our regulation pooh sticks


Focus and concentration, as well as peak physical fitness, being the key attributes of world pooh stick championship contestants, as demonstrated here by Dave’s perfect stick release technique.

Berko Bouncers watching the results come in

Unfortunately that perfect release wasn’t enough to get the mug punters on the leader board, much to the amusement of the on looking berko bouncers.

Score board

May be next year? Team training starts in October…

When not in Rome


Chickens Roam

Chickens Drink

P & R are in Rome, I’m not, which means I’m able to look after their chickens (a goose, and some ducks). So far, so good.


It turns out that chickens make eggs, lots of eggs, which you can find labeled as follows:

From chickens fed on organic GM-free feed, and free to roam and nest at will.

The free to roam bit is what makes collecting the eggs a tad tricky, unless you have help of course.

egg and a head

The top field

Crops in focus

After a pause for the worst of winter, the crop in the field is growing again. The shoots are getting long enough for the wind to send ripples across the surface.

World book day

Finn does harry potter for world book day

Today is world book day (in the UK and Ireland).
F celebrated earlier in the week by dressing up as Harry Potter for school (the Wallingford book shop provided vouchers and books!) while H has taken Fablehaven into school today to read.

I’m planning to pop into Oxfam Wallingford later today to treat myself to something.

professional photography

No professional photography without permission

Yikes. Written permission for professional photography?

I had thought ‘professional’ meant something like ‘earning a living from’. But the definition in the OED also includes having the skill of someone that is a competent professional. I suspect that the sign is meant to convey that no commercial photography is allowed without written permission, either that or it could be more clearly written as only incompetent photography allowed.

But, just to be on the safe side, I wrote myself a note giving myself permission to photograph before proceeding to do so.