Flying By

Having fun over RAF Benson - for RAF Benson Family Day

Didn’t realise that RAF Benson Family Day was today until the acrobatics started.
We had quiet a good view from across the river.
Was a tad worried when the Chinook decided to just hang vertically, but the Tornado at 
—censored– metres literally shook us back to our senses.

Looked like the base put on an excellent show.

More pix here.

Dawn and Dusk


The beginning and the end of yesterday across the fields around the house.

I could grow slowly old contentedly here.


Anyone for carrots?

H with some of the carrots we grew this year.

Not half bad once I’d figured out what wasn’t weeds. Apparently stuff growing in straight lines is the clue… you did plant them in straight lines didn’t you?


Photos for All

No idea who these people are but… Proof!
(That it’s not just me that snaps.)