Stuff Grows!

Stuff is growing now that the Patented Rodent Fence has been installed.

Rodent Fence

One small snag, Fay (rightly) thinks it’s lowering the tone. Hummmm.

Olympic Show Jumping

Olympic Show Jumping

Fay & Rachel at Greenwich Park for some Olympic show jumping…

Team GB Gold

…and a team gold for Team GB (strictly it’s, Team GB and NI and Crown Dependencies and (some) British Overseas Territories (not otherwise represented by their own Olympic Committees). But Team GBaNIaCDasBOT doesn’t trip off the tongue nearly as easily).

Olympic Kayaks!

F - K1 olympic Final

H - K1 Olympic Final

K1 Olympic Final

Olympic Kayak Salom Course

A very very kind D&A gave us tickets for the K1 Olympic Finals. An absolutely awesome day at the Lea valley White Water course.