Thames Valley in Flood

Flooded Thames valley from Wittenham Clumps

A walk on Wittenham Clumps to blow away the Christmas Flu and take a gander at the flooded Thames valley.

River Thames at Days Lock

In the middle of the picture is Days Lock. Getting to the lock island is a tad tricky right now.

Wet Dog

Wet dog

Ewok is the only person I know that’s loving this wet weather. He’s happy spending hours in the garden. The wetter the better he says.

Be safe be seen


A brighter ride with a couple of these.

Bright enough that they need to be dipped for oncoming pedestrians but still apparently not bright enough for drivers pulling out onto Shillingford roundabout…

…but then mid day summer sunlight isn’t bright enough for them either.

Apple Press

Apple juice pressing 

Apple juice pressing 

Apple juice pressing 

Apple juice pressing

Apple juice pressing

D&S had a bumper apple crop that all came good at the same time. What do you do with more apples than you can eat? Turns out you drink them.

In H’s case straight from the press. By far the best apple juice ever.