Commute Route

Commute route

The first leg of my London commute home is by bike from nearly Shoreditch to Paddington. The route along High Holbourn crosses the junction with Kingsway and Southampton Row. It’s not the nicest ride.

Lost Bike Book


Martin & Co. gave me a book about a crazy guy who rode a bike through Europe from the cold north to the hot south. I’m pretty sure the bike was one of these — an East German manufactured folding bike, but without the usual strengthening wooden cross-bar addition seen here.

I can’t find the book right now, so a note to self to check my memory later.

Modra & Zelena špilja

Heading to the Blue Cave

Blue Cave

Green Cave

A tourist day with alternatura. The Blue Cave (Blue Grotto, or Modra špilja) on Biševo. Blue, because the sunlight bounces off the sandy sea floor and so passes through ~30m of water to get into the cave. Discovered by an Austrian painter or crawled in through a small gap in the cliff before returning the next year to blast a bigger opening. The green cave (Zelena špilja), which is green because blue was already taken.

Komiža loop hike







An early morning walk (hike?) with a loop up to (nearly) Mali Hum above Komiža and back. The advantage of an early start was amazing light as the sun rose over the hills and cooler air. A (small) disadvantage was the spider webs across the trial and the ants nest in the stick I picked up to clear a particularly webby stretch. The views were worth the effort but a jump straight into the pool was required on our return.




F emerges

First stop on our kayak trip from Komiža was the beautiful Knezica beach just around the headland. It’s a lovely small beach and, apart from the two nudists that joined us for a brief swim, we had it completely to ourselves.