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Images from the land of the slightly upset oak tree

What happened after harvest ?

Field. Harvested but not ploughed weeks later

Most years the fields have been harvested, ploughed and planted by now. In 2011 it was done by the end of July. In 2010 the next crop was in by now.

This year, the wheat was harvested and then... nothing.

It's almost as if farmers had no clue who was going the buy their crops next year.

Another fine mess

Metro: another fine mess. Newspapers on trains

Speech. Less.

After five seasons

After five seasons

Oxford. Form the Westgate. After Five Seasons. A film about the gardens of Piet Oudolf.

Currently Reading

Currently reading

Currently reading: Points of Origin, 刁斗 (Diao Dou)

Taking cover

Take cover

Usually, the start of the football season is marked by the return of rain, wind and bone chilling temperatures. Not so this year. The first game needed sun protection.

Quiet. Wallingford

11 am on a Saturday. Wallingford. Quiet. Very quiet.

Saturday. 11am. Very, very quiet in Wallingford.

Cadoc's Point

Cadoc’s Point. Cornwall.

Card scoring

cards, scoring. I lost

I lost.

Padstow in between

Padstow boats

Stein's queue

Padstow inner harbour

Around Padstow, in between eating good food at various Steiniums.

Harlyn Beach

Harlyn beach

Harlyn beach. Sand for miles.

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