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Bob half done

Bob is half done

Harvest this year has been a race between the farmers and the wetness. The big field at the bottom is done (just) but there's still half the wheat in the bigish field at the top.

Line of Locks

A collection of bike locks

Locks by the bike racks. Saves carrying your own.

The helpful sign reads:

Cycles may be left subject to the Conditions and Regulations in the Boards publications and notices

Which I think means 'you can leave your bike here, but don't complain to us if it's not here when you return' (ish).

Golden Ticket

Golden ticket

It looks like the super-sized pack of revision cards I got H paid off.

I obviously take all the credit.

RAF Benson Family Day

RAF Benson Family Day Flying

RAF Benson Family Day Flying

RAF Benson Family Day Flying

Today was RAF Benson's family day, so we got a little treat of some flying acrobatics. Not quite up to the standards of 2015 but fun to watch.

Hanging out in Split



The ferry times don't really gel with the flight times, so we get to hang out in Split.

Vis, by ferry, again again

Viz Split Ferry

Road to nowhere

Last year (and the year before) we took the ferry from Split to Vis.

Viz Split Ferry

We're getting into the routine.

Pool life

Pool life

F demonstrating how to relax.

WFP (working from the Pool)

If you do need to catch up on something, this isn't a bad place to do it from.


Milky Way Pool

Go somewhere dark. The Milky Way is out there.

Moonlight Bay

Then try swimming by moonlight.

Fort George

Fort George

Fort George

Fort George

Fort George

Dinner at Fort George

Dinner at Fort George. Lovely.

Football Skills

Football skills

So slick you can't even see my feet moving.

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