Lonely Chair


Recruitment ask candidates if they are scared of heights. It’s because some of the rooms we use for interviews have floor to ceiling views like this. But if someone asked me ahead of an interview whether I was scared of heights, I might wonder what they had planned for me…

Lonely Tree

Evening stroll

Evening dog walk with Chris and Kim. The mist rising from the fields as the sun slowly sunk below the horizon. Magical.

There once was a gate

A gate was here once

The car broke, again. “That never happens to a Toyota” now thrice.

But bonus, was Fay and I walked to the Red Lion for a SPL (aka Sunday Pub Lunch). Not done that in ages. Lovely.

Autumn Path

Autumn path

The colours this year are amazing. More yellow than yellow. Makes walking the back way into town an extra special delight.

Boats at Benson

Boats at Benson

It’s this time of year you realize just how many of the le boat boats there are cruising up and down the inland waterways during the warmer months. There’s now a whole flotilla tied up at Benson marina.