hide and seek with grandad les

Romford, May 15, 2005

have a break, have a kitkat

Ashridge, Feb, 2005

are you thinking what we’re thinking?

coat hook — used for coats, hats, bags and the buggy

sad plants because they’d been out of the ground too long

Knuckles dis means trouble, real big trouble. Get the pies, we’re gonna get Bugsey.

November 2004: a goal in the second minute of extra time puts the home fans in shock

playing the amazing new fishing game

this is what happens if you have to move rooms at the hotel – your world view changes

superhero caught rushing somewhere to do something very important

homeless pots in the garden; looking for young plants for fun and adventure

Measuring the tide using the amazing sand scale. Frinton, April 2005.

Spring in Seattle. April 27, 2005