The garden. Progress.

The garden. Nearly time for a ‘May in the garden’ pic or two…

A snowy expedition


What to do on our first full snow day back in the UK? Maybe a mini-expedition along the footpaths to the fabled Castle Meadows?

Sledgers at Castle Meadows

While the back garden had been great for sledging (even benefiting from some flood-lit final runs) we decided to sample the delights of the multiple runs at ‘the castle’, complete with ramps and jumps.

Castle Meadows with St Peters Church Spire

With the picturesque St. Peter’s Spire as a backdrop, S & H & Pablo joined us for the fun.

The walk home

As dusk fell we warmed up with some hot chocolate and dry gloves before setting of around the fields to home.

Canal Walk

too bright dad

A Sunny Saturday walk along the Grand Union Canal

tow path walk

Rooney and Rooney came with us.

bottom lock

Some of the terminology gets some getting used to. I guess this would have been called Butt Side Lock. Whatever, it was half empty…

lock gate garden

…possibly because the bottom gate of bottom side lock was leaking a fair bit.

checking the overflow

H inspected the overflow – maybe a future aqua-engineer in the making?

out next boat?

While F inspected some of the nicer boats to live in on the canal.

pure genius

Our destination? The Three Horse Shoes pub, a delightful spot for a pint and some nosh.


Spring trees

Up the hill from our house and the blossom is appearing. Actually, everywhere except our house seems to be blossoming. Maybe everything in our garden is waiting on visitors…

Another May in the garden

Daisy Flower Thing

Another May in the Garden pic.
Apparently this is a ‘Daisy Thing’, also known as a ‘weed’. But since it’s about the only colourful thing that hasn’t been eaten by the rabbits, deer, possum or our friendly neighbourhood cougar, I think it’s quite lovely.


snowman melt

The snow went – eventually. The cold artic snap stayed with us for a few days and Mr. Snowman stayed for a while too. That reminds me, I wonder if there’s a scarf and hat out in the garden. Maybe the deer took them with the carrot…

may in the garden. slower than last year but stuff’s starting to happen

may 21, 2005