Panorama Hike

Mazama Ridge

With a big breakie at Paradise Inn behind us and the boys safely off with grandparents it was onwards & upwards for us.

Guide Service

Dirty Snow

We left the guide service hut and dirty snow at Paradise behind…

Mount Rainier

Mazama Ridge

…and climbed up along the western side of Alta Vista through Paradise Park

Fay & Aiddy

Trail this way (big drop that way)

The trail led up through the snow – a different route from Camp Muir last July – and was helpfully signed to avoid embarrassing falls down step slopes.

View from Panorama Point

The view from Panorama Point was amazing, with Alta Vista, Mazama Ridge and then Mounts Adams, St Helens and (just visible) Hood on the horizon.

Mount Adams

Mount Adams (from last years’ escapade)

Mount St Helens

Mount St Helens (not as much as there once was)

Rainier Wildlife

We even had some company for lunch

Fay plunge stepping down

The way down was fun: steep and slippery. Fay tried plunge stepping before giving in to the charms of glissading (at which she was too fast for me to get a pic).

Fay - halfway to Panorama Point

Wide brimmed hat = no/little sun burn

Blue Reflecting Aiddy

Kuhl cap & no hair = red ring of embarrassment next day in the office

Are you sure we're not lost?

Some more pics on the way down and then a well deserved drink back at the Paradise Inn.

Office View

mountains from redmond

The view from my office today…
actually, you need to turn left out of my office
and climb two flights of stairs to get this view ;-)

That’s, I think, Mount Index or there-abouts. Approx. 27 miles and two valleys away.

office or studio


The view of, and from, the new home office  – the trees are in the front garden, and the sunlight is from a big yellow fiery ball that does a circuit across the sky each day (or at least has each day that we’ve been here).

I’m trying to get the room as organised and permanant-feeling as possible before Fay decides it would make a nice studio ;-)