Moving Lightroom Files

Having >1 devices running Adobe Lightroom, combined with Lightroom’s meh on working off network shared files, means I’m needing to move images between machines. Should be easy, except it’s not. At least it’s not if you want to keep the Lightroom edits.

Here’s my quick method based on the description shared by PixelTraining:

  1. In Lightroom on the source machine, select the folder(s) you want to move.
  2. Select File | Export as Catalog.... Choose a destination on the target machine (i.e. a network mapped drive, or alternatively a portable hard disk).
  3. Grind beans, milk cow.
  4. On the target machine select File | Import from Catalog.... Select the catalog created earlier and the option to copy the files.
  5. Make coffee, drink coffee.
  6. Check transfer has worked; remove files from Lightroom, and the delete from disk, on the source machine. Delete the temporary catalog on the target machine (or portable disk).
  7. Wash up

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