Steps to success: ICT Procurement

Amelie "I'm a PC"

The Department for Education provides advice for schools buying ICT. Given my experience of ICT purchased for use in school I wouldn’t hold out too much hope [1].

In the interest of providing solutions rather than complaining about problems [2], here’s my three steps to success for how to spend money on computing technology in schools:

  • It’s not the hardware you have, it’s the software that runs on it.
  • It’s not the software you have, but how skilful you are in using it.

So, it follows that:

  1. Get skilful (or get someone skilful) at what you want to do
  2. Get the software you need to support (1)
  3. Get the hardware you need to run (2)

Bonus Thought: notice that “I need an iPad” is starting at the wrong end of that sequence.


[1] Indeed, the website referenced (last updated in July 2013) still includes a link to another government site that was retired in 2011. Oh dear.
[2] Yes, I know I could charge don’t-know-better schools and academies wads for this advice. I know people that do.

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