Windows 8–

For various reasons too long and boring to go into here I have a Lenovo U310 running Windows 8 that I’d like to be running Windows 7 (Flame avoidance: I love Windows 8.1 running on the Lenovo Carbon Touch ;-).

Things to remember if doing this again…

  1. The OEM license key is embedded in the BIOS (I’d expected it to be on a sticker somewhere…)
  2. Windows 8 comes with downgrade rights, but only if you’re running Windows 8 Professional. Details are in the FAQ. Fortunately I had a full copy of Windows 7 Home Premium going spare.
  3. Play with the BIOS (Fn+F2) to get things to boot and to disable UEFI.
  4. To make a bootable USB follow the steps on technet for using diskpart. I tried installing from the local drive but the 0×0 error wasn’t the most informative.
  5. Windows 7 (64-bit) didn’t like installing of the GTP-Partitioned disk. No worries, just grab GParted and nuke the partitions and make a new partition table. (At this point, pause to refill wine glass and ponder the wisdom of just installing a Linux-disto. Remember who will be using this box and think better of it.)
  6. Boot from the USB into the Windows installer, sit back, sip wine.
  7. Spend several [insert large unit of time] installing updates and drivers.

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