Backup Mac

In the spirit of minimal backups (see previous notes on the topic) here’s the Mac version:

Mount the Windows Home Server volume:

mount -t smbfs //HOME-SERVER/Backups/MacOS /Volumes/Backups/MacOS

Then use rsync to sync:

rsync3.x86_64 -a -v --delete ~/Documents /Volumes/Backups/MacOS/Documents

Clean up:

umount /Volumes/Backups/MacOS

Gotchas: download (or build) rsync v3 or later. The interwebz are thumbs down on the version of rsync shipped with Mac OS X.

Questions: lots of people cite mount_smbfs but Apple state you should never use it, call mount with the right options.

Caveat: for personal stuff, I care more about reliability of my data and less about the time to recover from a catastrophic failure. That means I’m okay with the thought of having to reinstall stuff. YMMV.

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